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Staff Directory: Artist Services
When you have questions or concerns, reach out to someone on the Artist Services staff. If we cannot help you, we will be happy to direct you to someone who can!

Sean Elwood, Director, Programs & Initiatives, x230:
Lisa Dent, Director, Resources & Award Programs, x222:
Brittni Collins, Artist Services Manager, x239:

You can email the artist services staff (the entire department reads these emails) at:

Information on our remaining staff is available on the Creative Capital website.

Affiliate Programs
We have 3 affiliate programs that don’t benefit you directly but reveal the impact our approach is having on the field of cultural philanthropy as a whole.

• Creative Capital |Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant:
• The Multi-Arts Production Fund:
• Doris Duke Performing Arts Awards:

Note: Since these are separate award programs, a Creative Capital artist may apply for the MAP Fund and Arts Writers grants, if eligible.

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