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Artists Retreats
We seek to foster a sense of community among our awardees and create opportunities to develop relationships that will remain long after we’re out of the picture. To realize that goal, all Creative Capital artists are invited to attend two of our retreats. Retreats are opportunities for artists to meet and learn about each other’s work, to brainstorm with colleagues and consultants, to participate in seminars and attend workshops—a time of discovery, information sharing and stimulating conversation.

Retreat Policies
Awardees may attend TWO retreats — their first after receiving the award and a second when the awardee decides it would be most effective and beneficial.
Travel and lodging costs: In almost all cases, Creative Capital reimburses all travel expenses incurred by awardees attending the retreat.
Lodging at the retreat for non-awardees: Under special circumstances an awardee may bring a spouse or significant other who is not a collaborating artist on the awarded project, one or more children, and a child-care provider, if necessary. If special arrangements will be required in order for you to attend, you must:

1. Notify Creative Capital four months in advance.
2. Cover children and a child-care provider’s travel costs.
3. Pay for food and lodging in advance for each person (costs change and are determined after we sign a contract with the host institution).
Note that guests do not attend awardee presentations, workshops or consultant meetings.

A non-eligible collaborator on a Creative Capital funded project (any member of a collaborative artist team who does not meet the eligibility requirements to qualify as a awardee) may attend the retreat, the grantee presentations, workshops and consultant meetings if they notify Creative Capital four months in advance, pay for their own travel and pay for all food and lodging in advance. The Creative Capital artist may apply for funding to help defray these costs.

Special Presentations
We may ask you to participate in professional events we feel are valuable to your practice. Examples include our annual presentations at the College Art Association, the ZER01 SJ Biennial, Art Fairs or Festivals.

We are also occasionally approached by organizations asking us to facilitate our artists' exhibitions, film programs and showcase events. Examples include the 2010 retrospective of Creative Capital films at the Museum of Modern Art, group exhibitions by our visual artists and readings by our literature awardees.

Regional Gatherings
The Community Capital Regional Gatherings program is another way for you to actively connect with fellow awardees. Small stipends are available to awardees who organize and host events for other CC artists in their area, be they professional (invited speaker, sharing work), social (happy hour, potluck) or a little bit of both. The stipend (up to $1,000) can cover food, speaker fees, room rentals and small fees for the organizers. Funding is on a first-come, first-serve basis. To plan a regional gathering with Creative Capital's support, log in to the Artist Hub and click on "Regional Gatherings."

Specific Topic Convenings
Periodically we arrange for experts to conduct a webinar on a topic that may be of interest to our artists.

Creative Capital Events
We occasionally organize and host cultivation, benefit or informational events to help focus our organizational development or outreach efforts.

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