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Please note that all meetings may occur in person, by phone or by Skype, as a convenience for you.

Orientation Meetings (Your Individual Orientation Meeting & Gatherings for New Grantees)

These meetings are the cornerstones of our partnership, scheduled once you sign your letter of agreement. They are opportunities to meet our staff and artists, to ask us questions about our contract and system of support and to discuss how to get your project made. We have these meetings with every awardee because we want you to take advantage of our support and services. This is our chance to make our system of funding, meetings and services clear at the outset.
Note: We make every effort to meet with our new awardees in person. When possible, we will pay travel costs to a regional orientation meeting. Individual orientation meetings can also be conducted over the phone.

Retreat Project Meetings

During your first retreat, you will have the opportunity to review your Creative Capital project with consultants who can help you plan, produce, develop and promote your project. These meetings clarify goals and expectations and help to identify actionable items.

Update Meetings

It’s important to update us regularly on the project. If an opportunity or challenge for the project (or your practice) arises, we encourage you to arrange a meeting.

Stakeholder Meeting - Initial (optional)

Initial Stakeholder Meetings can be convened if you have partners identified early on in the development of a project. It may be useful to gather together and discuss strategies going forward. These meetings are moderated by Creative Capital staff and may be attended by those involved in the project, including funders, collaborators, work-for-hire participants, representatives from presenting venue(s), consultants, etc.

Stakeholder Meeting - Premiere

We’ve found that as a project gets closer to presentation and premiere, it’s helpful for Creative Capital to facilitate a meeting among the various parties involved to jointly clarify goals and expectations. You designate which presentation or event you want as your Creative Capital premiere. We recommend scheduling your stakeholder meeting at least 6 months prior to project's premiere. When you know your preferred premiere event, please let Artist Services staff know as soon as possible. During this meeting, staff will discuss additional funding available at this stage of the project. These meetings may occur in person or by phone. Please note that a Stakeholder Meeting is a prerequisite to apply for Premiere Funding.

Post-Premiere Meeting (Expansion or Exit)

Just as we try to meet six months before a project premieres, we also try to meet three to six months after the project’s first presentation. This helps us determine whether or not the project is complete or if it has a continued life after its premiere.

Project Closure Meeting

Tied to the Final Report, this is our chance to assess the impact of your project and to recommend Alumni opportunities.

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