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Congratulations and welcome!

The Creative Capital system of support adapts venture capital concepts to suit the fluid trajectory of the creative process, focusing on four key areas: support for the project, support for the individual, support for the community and engaging the public.

Our approach integrates financial and advisory support to help you realize your project and build capacity to sustain your career. Our model of support is built on the principle that time and advisory services are as crucial to artistic success as funding. Over the course of a funded project we provide a flexible program of multi-faceted, sequential support, partnering with each artist to determine how funding and services can meet their goals.

As a Creative Capital award recipient, we expect to work with you for two to five years and provide up to $50,000 to your project. Our goal is to have you, your work and your professional infrastructure become stronger as a result of our integrated, multi-faceted, sequential and eminently practical system of support for your project, your practice, the community of artists and the promotion of your work to a broader public.

This handbook describes how you may continue to engage with us, from your upcoming orientation through to our alumni programs.

We look forward to working with you and learning more about the ambitions you have for your project and practice in the coming months and years.

– The Creative Capital Staff

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