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We have initiated several organizational partnerships that allow you to easily access residency programs, crowdfunding sites, fiscal sponsorship, teaching opportunities and pro-rated fees for insurance or health care.

Artist Service Organizations
We provide you with free memberships to The Alliance of Artists Communities and Fractured Atlas.
Alliance of Artists Communities offers Creative Capital artists a free subscription to their one-stop guide to artists' residencies for visual artists, writers, designers, architects, filmmakers, performance artists, composers, choreographers and more. To access your subscription, follow the instructions here and use the coupon code CC1112.
Fractured Atlas offers an initial, free one-year professional membership and half-off dues after the first year to all Creative Capital artists. A national artist service organization, Fractured Atlas offers access to health and liability insurance, fiscal sponsorship and other useful services for artists. Accepting this membership is voluntary. To find out more and/or to sign up, visit

CrowdFunding Sites
We’ve established ties to two crowdfunding sites, KickStarter and USA Projects, to help you raise money for your projects online by becoming a member of their online fundraising platforms. Each site has unique qualities that have been successful in helping artists achieve their fundraising and promotional goals.
KickStarter – Sign up to be a member of our organization page at: We will receive a message whenever you launch a campaign and will add it to the CC curated page.

ArtBook@CreativeCapital – By being part of the ArtBook partnership program, visitors to our website who access the ArtBook@CreativeCapital page receive a 25% discount plus free shipping for their affiliation with Creative Capital. Go to the ArtBook@CreativeCapital landing page:

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