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Sign your letter of agreement
The principle of generosity is essential to our approach. As a part of a commitment to reciprocity, you agree to share a small percentage of net profits (if any) derived from your project, or otherwise determine ways to give back to the community. We do not receive proceeds from any project that does not produce profits for its creator.

Fill out assessment forms
These surveys help assess and tailor our services to your needs.

Stay in touch!
We can’t help if we don’t know what’s going on. Send us periodic updates on how you’re doing and put us on the mailing list for your newsletter and events: artistservices@creative-capital.org.

Designate your Creative Capital Premiere
We will support this presentation through comprehensive outreach to our far-reaching network of artists, arts professionals, patrons and friends. You can designate any presentation of your project as the CC premiere; it doesn’t have to be the official premiere of your supported project, but should be at a moment when you want to maximize publicity and visibility.

Give us Credit
Crediting Creative Capital and including us in your biography are important parts of our organizational visibility, which helps us raise more money to support more projects! Please always include us in your bio and use the following credit line whenever there is a public presentation of your funded project: “(Your Project Name Here) is a project of Creative Capital.” (using our logo when possible).

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