What is Alumni Status?

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What is Alumni Status?
This is a once-in-a-lifetime grant. You may not apply again as a primary or collaborating artist. We regard our support as a special opportunity. Our intention is to strengthen an artist’s practice to make it more successful and sustainable. If we do our job and if you take advantage of the system we’ve developed, we believe the benefits will be significant and ongoing.

We intend to see every funded project through to its premiere and beyond—usually a period of two to seven years. Your status as an “active awardee” expires once the project is complete. However, our relationship with you will never fully terminate. When no longer an “active awardee,” you will be considered to be a Creative Capital alumni artist.

If you’ve completed your Creative Capital project and submitted your final report, you graduate to alumni status. We will send you a letter to ensure that you have received all of the funding and advisory services to which you are entitled and explain the benefits of becoming an alumnus.

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